XTi 1002

Amplificatore Crown 500+500W con DSP interno

Nuova linea di amplificatori composta dai modelli XTi 1002, XTi 2002, XTi 4002 e XTi 6002 dotati di alimentatori interni di tipo switching e DSP integrato (completo di crossover, EQ grafico, limiter e delay), per fornire all’utente tutti gli strumenti necessari per l’allineamento dell’impianto. La nuova linea permette inoltre il collegamento al computer via porta USB, per un setup semplice dell’amplificatore mediante il software HiQnet incluso.

2-ohm Stereo (per ch.)      700W
4-ohm Stereo (per ch.)500W
8-ohm Stereo (per ch.)275W
8-ohm Bridge-Mono1000W
4-ohm Bridge-Mono1400W
Sensitivity (for full rated power at 4 ohms)                                                     1.4 Vrms
Frequency Response (at 1 watt, 20 Hz - 20 kHz)                                              +0 dB, –1 dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio                             XTi 1002/2002/4002: 100 dB (A weighted)
Damping Factor 20 Hz to 1 kHz                > 500 
Crosstalk (below rated power)               20 Hz - 1 kHz: > 70 dB 
Input Impedance (nominal)                        20k ohms balanced, 10k ohms unbalanced 
Maximum Input Signal+22 dBu typical 
Cooling Proportional speed fan withfront-to-rear airflow 
Integrated Processing                                                                                                                                                                                             Input EQ: 6 parametric filters per channelwith adjustable Q, ±15 dB boost/cut. This8-filter EQ section can be bypassed. 
                                                                                            Crossover Filters: Butterworth 6/12/18/24 dB peroctave.Linkwitz-Riley 24/48 dB per Octave. 
                                                                  Output EQ: 8 parametric filters per channel withadjustable Q, ±15 dB boost/cut. This 8-filterEQ section can be bypassed. 
  Delay: For signal alignment of driver;50 ms of total delay
 SubHarmonic Synth: Takes the low-frequencycontent of the input signal and “synthesizes”a new signal that is the same as the inputsignal but one octave lower.
 Peakx Plus™ Limiter: User defeatable limiter thatallows users to control Threshold, Attack,and Release times. 
 Presets: 30 total presets, 29 of whichare user-definable.
Input/Output                                                       Input Connectors: XLR, one per channel 
 Link/Out Connector: Loop-thru signal from inputconnector for linking another amplifier, oneper channel.
 Output Connectors: Two Neutrik® Speakon® NL4MPoutput connectors. Channel-1Speakon® is wired with Ch. 1 and Ch. 2 outputsfor use with optional single 4-conductor cable.Two binding post outputs (in parallel withSpeakon® connectors). 
 HiQnet™ USB Connector: Type B, connects toHiQnet™ network. 
Front PanelCast aluminum 
Dimensions XTi 1002/2002/4002: 19” (W) x 3.5” (H)x 12.25” (D) 
Net WeightXTi 1002/2002/4002: 18.5 lbs (8.4kg) 
Shipping Weight  XTi 1002/2002/4002: 21.5 lbs (9.8kg)